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HTC Global Services confirmed a cyberattack via a tweet after the ALPHV ransomware group leaked sensitive data, including passports and emails, possibly exploiting the Citrix Bleed vulnerability in their CareTech unit.
Pan-American Life Insurance Group revealed a breach in the MOVEit software that compromised customer data including personal, medical, and financial records. The company has unexplicably delayed disclosure and is now offering 24 months of free credit monitoring and identity protection.
East River Medical Imaging in New York notified 605,809 patients of a September security breach, where an intruder accessed their network and potentially obtained documents containing personal and health information of patients and employees.
Lower Bucks Hospital in Bristol Township, Pennsylvania, notified patients of a data breach involving an external vendor, CBIZ KA, affecting patient data through the MOVEit Transfer platform, with the hospital setting up a call center for affected individuals.
The Hershey Company experienced a data breach due to a phishing attack on September 3-4, impacting 2,214 individuals by exposing personal and financial information. The chocolate manufacturer has responded by offering credit monitoring services while confirming no evidence of data misuse.
The Hermon School Department experienced a ransomware attack that spread to multiple servers and disrupted operations, with a focus on addressing a security flaw in the PowerSchool application. The school did not engage with or pay the ransomware group, and resumed normal operations by November 7th.
The data breach at Perry Johnson & Associates, Inc., impacting Mercy Health's patients, involved unauthorized access to sensitive data, affecting the prominent U.S. healthcare organization that is part of Bon Secours Mercy Health.
DePauw University, a liberal arts college in Indiana, experienced a cyberattack by the Black Suit ransomware gang, leading to potential unauthorized access to personal informatio. The initial investigations indicates limited data breach. Affected individuals being offered identity protection services.
Austal USA, a key U.S. Navy and Coast Guard shipbuilder, is facing a sophisticated cyber attack by Hunters International, with a potential leak of classified data from defense projects, as disclosed on their dark web site and acknowledged by Austal USA.
The cybercrime group ALPHV/BlackCat claims to have stolen sensitive data from Tipalti, an Israeli fintech company crucial for streamlining financial operations for clients globally, including the potential compromise of private information from major clients like Roblox and Twitch.