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The Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute (PCLI) is addressing a cyberattack by the LockBit group, which has disrupted their communications and computer systems, though clinical operations continue. The status of the attack, including its any data leak through the LockBit's leak site, remains uncertain.
The Coldwater Board of Public Utilities in Michigan was notified by Plume WiFi about a data breach affecting 200 customer following a third-party service hack that did not affect the Plume APP itself.
Top Health Doctors in Brisbane experienced an email compromise in September, potentially affecting 5,500 people and compromising data including card numbers and personal details, which was revealed during a Services Australia data matching exercise to protect affected customers.
Dollar Tree, encompassing over 23,000 stores in North America, experienced a cybersecurity breach through its service provider Zeroed-In Technologies, impacting nearly 2 million individuals by exposing sensitive data like names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers.
Capital Health hospitals in New Jersey are facing IT outages due to a cyberattack, impacting their network and leading to operational limitations, including the suspension of outpatient radiology and some testing, although they continue to accept patients and prioritize surgeries.
Staples confirmed a cyberattack that disrupted services and deliveries, leading to temporary operational halts, with proactive measures preventing further damage but causing delays in online order processing.
Okta has revised its statement on the October breach, now acknowledging that all of its customers, not just the initially estimated 1%, were affected, with varying degrees of data exposure and heightened risk of phishing attacks.
The Qilin ransomware group claimed responsibility for a cyberattack on Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, disrupting operations and affecting major automakers like Stellantis, with Yanfeng's website going offline and Qilin posting data samples online.
The Daixin cyberattack group targeted the North Texas Municipal Water District, encrypting servers and disrupting phone services, but not affecting water supply.