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JAXA, Japan's national space agency, confirmed a cyberattack exploiting network equipment vulnerabilities, but assured that critical rocket and satellite operation data was not compromised, with the breach detected following an alert from an external organization.
Robeson Health Care Corporation, after discovering malware in its systems in February, concluded that the breach may have exposed sensitive data of over 60,000 individuals, including personal and medical information. Robeson is offering a year of free identity theft protection services.
A cybersecurity breach at Welltok, Inc. compromised personal data of Premier Health patients, including Social Security and insurance details, with Welltok offering credit monitoring and notifying affected individuals.
In November 2023, Proliance Surgeons, a Seattle-based healthcare practice, reported a data breach from a ransomware attack in February, exposing sensitive customer data. Proliance Surgeons is not disclosing the number of affected individuals, and is now advising those impacted to consider legal options to prevent identity theft or fraud.
ZeroedIn Technologies, LLC, a Maryland-based provider of workforce analytics, reported a security breach from August 7 to 8, 2023, exposing personal data of approximately 1.9 million consumers, potentially impacting Dollar Tree & Family Dollar employees and customers.
Texas Wesleyan University suffered a cyberattack attributed to the Russian Cl0p ransomware group, exposing sensitive student data including Social Security, passport details, and financial information, and has since offered credit monitoring and identity theft restoration services.
Southwestern Vermont Medical Center (SVMC) is notifying 19,000 patients of a data breach due to a MOVEit Transfer software vulnerability, compromising patient names and medical details, and urging patients to review their medical bills for fraud.
Ukrainian intelligence has claimed a successful cyber operation against Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency, 'Rosaviatsia', capturing confidential documents that allegedly expose severe safety compromises in Russian civil aviation. Such an announcement is unprecedented since its a first time a country has acknowledged hacking as part of their military strategy.
Ardent Health Services' operations across 30 hospitals were disrupted by a ransomware attack, leading to emergency room diversions and suspended IT systems, with ongoing efforts to restore services and assess data breach impacts.
Delaware Life Insurance Company reported a ransomware attack on February 9, 2023, which led to unauthorized access of customer data. After an extensive investigation, they sent out notifications to all affected individuals on November 21, 2023.