About Us

We help teams build and maintain their cybersecurity focus by continuous delivery of key information at the user's primary communication tool. We delive information in brief easy to understand form, enriched with proper context and clear action items.

We have started as a mentoring program for young engineers, in soft skills, engineering, product management and cybersecurity. It's a very rewarding work but it can't support enough people with a good quality product. We then focused at working at scale.

We work on cybersecurity focus and knowledge of teams at scale - because it's better to learn of the problem fast and invest your time in fixing it:

  • Not enough resources - Takes a long time and is difficult to research, filer and keep up continuously.
  • Too technical - A lot of cybersecurity topics are seen as technical and difficult to understand. So people space out.
  • This can't happen to me - People believe bad things won't happen to them, so they ignore a lot of the advice.
  • People hate awareness programs - Nobody likes being tested, especially if they see the test as a formal "tick the compliance box" exercise.

Beyondmachines is engineered and led by Bozidar Spirovski with the generous help of several friends:

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you may contact us at contact [at] beyondmachines [dot] net.