Cybersecurity Risk Dashboard

The Risk Dashboard is a rolling status of the four past weeks of cybersecurity events and advisories

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Individual weekly status and key items to remember
State of (in)security - Week 45 Quality assurance, code review and testing is important for all software. Confirmed even by criminals who lost the stolen digital funds by bugs in their theft code.
State of (in)security - Week 46 If your organization is faced with an incident, don't try to hide it. The cat is out of the bag, process it and report it. That's the best way not to be extorted nor suffer penalties. And it still shows a better level of trustworthiness than playing dumb. And pentest your AI/ML systems, they may be vulnerable because they are running on regular servers with standard and often unpatched base software.
State of (in)security - Week 47 Keep your legacy infrastructure in mind - all the systems and pieces of software that are no longer supported by the vendors. Plan to replace such infrastructure quickly after end of support. Such infrastructure is quite likely to carry vulnerabilities and it's no longer going to be patched by the vendor. Even if it's still operating well, that infrastructure makes you an easy target for attack.
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