Google fixes Chrome vulnerability exploited by hackers - update now

published: Nov. 29, 2023

Take action: Update your Chrome (and Chromium based) browsers on all operating systems ASAP. That's Chrome, Opera, Brave, Edge. It takes less than 30 seconds, and it will relaunch all your windows after you restart. There is really no excuse not to do it, except being lazy. Hackers love lazy users.

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Google has urgently updated its Chrome browser to address multiple security flaws, including an actively hacked vulnerability tracked as CVE-2023-6345 (CVSS3 score 8.8). The vulnerability involves an integer overflow in the Skia graphics library, which is integral to Chrome and various other Google platforms. Details about the exploitation of this vulnerability are being withheld by Google until a majority of users have updated their browsers.

Google has fixed several other vulnerabilities, including

  • type confusion in Spellcheck (CVE-2023-6348),
  • use-after-free issues in Mojo (CVE-2023-6347)
  • se-after-free issues in WebAudio (CVE-2023-6346), a
  • nd memory access issues in libavif (CVE-2023-6350 and CVE-2023-6351).

The fixed versions are available for Mac and Linux (version 119.0.6045.199) and for Windows (versions 119.0.6045.199/.200), with the updates rolling out gradually.

Google fixes Chrome vulnerability exploited by hackers - update now