Pacific Union College reports data breach, exposes 56k individuals

published: Nov. 13, 2023

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Pacific Union College (PUC), a private liberal arts college located in Napa Valley, California has been impacted by a cyberattack attributed to the ransomware group Trigona in which hackers accessed employee email accounts between July 6, 2021, and February 25, 2022.

The investigation revealed that the compromised accounts contained sensitive personal data of students, including:

  • full names
  • dates of birth,
  • government identification numbers,
  • financial account information,
  • credit or debit card information,
  • passport numbers,
  • usernames/email addresses and passwords,
  • medical treatment/diagnosis
  • social security numbers,
  • driver's license numbers.

The attack has impacted 56,041 people. Trigona threatened to sell the data if their demands weren't met.

PUC has taken measures to enhance security and provided affected individuals with steps to protect themselves, including credit monitoring services. PUC's response timeline has been questioned, with delays in acknowledging the breach and notifying affected parties even though PUC was aware of the breach earlier than they admitted, and sensitive information had already been circulated.

Pacific Union College reports data breach, exposes 56k individuals