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In May 2023, Kentucky-based Norton Healthcare experienced a significant data breach due to a ransomware attack by the ALPHV (BlackCat) group, compromising sensitive personal information of patients and staff, including Social Security numbers and financial details, across its network of over 40 clinics and hospitals.
The Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) in central Virginia faced a cyber incident around Thanksgiving, disrupting its computer network, with the Play ransomware gang claiming responsibility and demanding an undisclosed ransom by December 13.
The Social Security Organisation (Socso/PERKESO) in Malaysia has suffered a significant cyberattack, confirmed by the organization, involving leaked personal data and operational disruptions, initiated by a hacker group known as Rupert_group who claimed responsibility on a hacker forum.
A data breach at WellTok, Inc. potentially exposed personal and medical information of approximately 144,000 Guthrie Clinic patients, though financial details were not compromised. Guthrie has suspended data sharing with WellTok and offers affected patients free fraud monitoring services.
On November 30, 2023, Community Healthcare Network in New York City reported a major data breach following an October 1 network disruption, exposing sensitive information. The investigation is ongoing with little details. Steps are taken to notify affected individuals.
Aldo, a global shoe retailer, revealed that a recent LockBit ransomware attack targeted a franchise partner. Also is claming that the attack had no significant impact on operations or customer financial data.
A data leak at University Hospital Southampton (UHS) due to a Freedom of Information request exposed personal details of maternity service users from 2016 to 2019, including names, addresses, and NHS numbers. UHS confirmed no clinical data was compromised and has since enhanced data security measures.
The Groveport Madison School District in Columbus, Ohio experienced a disruptive security breach by the ransomware group BlackSuit, affecting internet and device functionality, but without compromising student or staff data. The incident lead to a temporary internet shutdown and heightened security measures.
Nissan is investigating a cyberattack targeting its Australian and New Zealand operations, affecting Nissan Oceania's systems and raising concerns over potential unauthorized access to personal data.
Prime Healthcare, based in Ontario, California, disclosed that its vendor CBIZ KA experienced a security breach involving MOVEit Transfer software, compromising patient data, leading to free credit monitoring services for affected individuals.