Tietoevry data centre impacted by ransomware, multiple customers hit

published: Jan. 20, 2024

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A ransomware attack on IT supplier Tietoevry's Swedish data centre on January 17, 2024, has significantly disrupted operations for several businesses, including the cinema chain Filmstaden and retailers Rusta and Granngården.

Update - Several regional governments and institutions report that they were also affected by the hacker attack, including Västerbotten, Bjuv, Vellinge and Uppsala.  The Uppsala region, home to one of the biggest hospitals in Sweden - Uppsala University Hospital reported its systems for patient hospital charts were affected.

Sweden's Riksbank has filed a police report after the ransomware attack since it knocked out some of the central bank's IT systems. Riksbank's human resources and payroll systems have been inaccessible.

Akira ransomware gang has taken responsibility for the attack.

Filmstaden, is unable to sell cinema tickets, snacks, soft drinks, or sweets, and is only admitting patrons who pre-purchased tickets, temporarily lifting the ban on outside food and drinks. A small group of Filmstaden's users received phishing emails, and the chain is exploring alternatives for continued operations, acknowledging the substantial impact of the outage.

Rusta's online shopping capabilities are down, and Granngården has closed all its physical stores, although online shopping is still available. Both are among several Tietoevry clients affected by the same issue.

Tietoevry is currently focused on mitigating and investigating the attack's effects, with no further comments on the incident. No details are disclosed about the attack or it's impact.

Tietoevry data centre impacted by ransomware, multiple customers hit