Longhorn medical imaging center reports data breach

published: Oct. 26, 2023

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The diagnostic imaging company, South Austin Health Imaging LLC, operating as Longhorn Imaging Center reported a data breach after confidential data had been accessed without authorization.

Longhorn Imaging was alerted by a third party to potential unauthorized access to the data they held in custody. In responsethe company initiated a comprehensive investigation which verified that unauthorized access to confidential consumer data had indeed occurred.

The exact nature of this breach, is not disclosed.

The breach allowed an unauthorized entity to gain access to a wide range of consumer data of about 97,000 individuals, including:

  • names,
  • addresses,
  • health details,
  • insurance information.

On October 25, 2023, as part of its responsive measures, Longhorn Imaging rolled out breach notification letters to all identified victims. These letters were intended to inform victims about the specific data related to them that had been jeopardized.

Longhorn medical imaging center reports data breach