Vodafone has their Twitter accounts hacked, suspects data breach

published: Sept. 15, 2023

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Vodafone is investigating  a potential data breach that occurred after unauthorized parties gained access to its main Twitter accounts. The telecommunications company has taken precautionary measures by temporarily disabling its main Twitter customer care account, as well as its subsidiary Clear Mobile's account. T

he breach has been reported to the Data Protection Commissioner, considering the seriousness of the incident and the nearly 80,000 combined followers of the affected Twitter accounts.

The breach is believed to have originated from a third-party application used to manage Vodafone Ireland X's Twitter social media channel. In response to this, Vodafone has shut down the application while they conduct a thorough investigation. The company expressed regret for any inconvenience caused and assured customers that they are diligently addressing the issue and will promptly respond to all customer inquiries.

During the breach, unauthorized tweets were posted under both the Vodafone Ireland and Clear Mobile accounts, redirecting users to Discord servers. Consequently, Vodafone swiftly suspended the activity on these accounts and is actively working to resolve the situation. The affected Twitter accounts have refrained from tweeting for over a week while Vodafone is resolving the issue. The company is also awaiting input from X, previously known as Twitter, which underwent significant staff layoffs within the past year.

Typically, companies managing customer care accounts on social media platforms like Twitter employ third-party applications and software to efficiently handle these accounts. Despite the breach, Vodafone has assured customers that they can still reach out to their customer care through various channels, including their website, hotline, or retail stores.

Vodafone has their Twitter accounts hacked, suspects data breach