Australian Logistics Company compromised by ransomware gang

published: Sept. 21, 2023

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An Australian-based company, Peacock Bros, has fallen victim to a ransomware gang known as Cactus. . Cactus ransomware group has listed Peacock Bros a logistics company headquartered in Victoria on their exploit site.

Peacock Bros is boasting over "12,000 active customers" and 1,000 resellers across various regions including Australia, New Zealand, south-east Asia, the US, and Europe. The company caters to prominent clients such as TNT, Toll, Amazon, Alfred Health, and Coca Cola, making its prominence in the industry clear.

Cactus has not revealed the ransom amount it is demanding from Peacock Bros, nor has it specified when it intends to release the claimed data if the payment is not made. As a demonstration of their breach, Cactus has posted some materials confirming their access to Peacock Bros’ internal networks. These include a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) between Peacock Bros and another entity, a 2019 land sale contract, a 2021 income statement, a Victorian individual's driver’s license, and the scanned passport of a Colombian national. These documents appear to be genuine.

Peacock Bros hasn't made a public acknowledgment of the hack, so no details are available.

Australian Logistics Company compromised by ransomware gang