State of (in)security - Week 1, 2024

published: Jan. 8, 2024

Take action: Never forget securing your social media accounts - even if you consider them to be less important, they can be abused to impact your reputation by hackers using your social media as a vehicle for a scam.

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In the week between Jan. 1, 2024, midnight and Jan. 8, 2024, midnight we witnessed a total of:
  • 6 advisory/vulnerability events
  • 34 incident/data breach events

Week over Week comparison of week 1 2024 vs week 52 2023 is less people impacted with more events.

We also shared 3 practical knowledge items
Total impacted individuals via the events of the week

There were a total of 9,518,539 impacted individuals across 7 incidents, with the largest breach being the HealthEC LLC health tech reports data breach, exposing 4.5 million patients incident exposing 4,452,782 individuals. Since not all incidents report a number of impacted individuals, the real number is definitely higher than that.

Cause breakdown of incidents
Cause Number of incidents
ransomware 15
third party breach 4
compromised account 3
email account breach 2
phishing 1
unpatched software vulnerability 1
Industry breakdown of incidents
Industry Number of incidents
Healthcare 11
Finance 5
IT/Software/Technology 4
Government 3
Aviation 2
Transport/Logistics 2
Hospitality/Events 1
Consulting/Professional Services 1
Manufacturing 1
Military/Defense 1
Retail 1
Telecommunications 1
Education 1


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State of (in)security - Week 1, 2024